Embrace a Rich History of Experience and Results

More than 20 years of experience in home services and franchising, and over 12 years of R&D, have made Mosquito Shield into an effective solution for residential pest control.

Our Story

Mosquito Shield started out as an idea, when our President and Founder, David Briggs, saw that there were not any dependable or affordable options on the market for residential mosquito control.

During the first few years, David constantly researched the life cycle of the mosquito, and set about testing different formulations and application methods to arrive at the Mosquito Protection Blend™ that we use today.

At the same time, David had been running a very successful franchise for a nationally recognized lawn care service. More than 20 years as a franchisee taught David what it takes to get customers, serve them efficiently, and keep them satisfied.

Running his own lawn care franchise also gave David the firsthand understanding of the contributions that the corporation and the franchisee must each make, for the business to grow.

The Future for Mosquito Shield

As the Mosquito Shield business grew, and our team began to develop and test for a lucrative business investment franchising model, this accumulated experience and research guided us every step of the way.

The pioneering approach that launched Mosquito Shield will continue to be the guiding principle of our organization. This core principles help to foster sound business investment deals that can result in high ROI.

At Mosquito Shield, we will never stop testing and refining our products, our approach to advertising and marketing, and our development of resources to help each business investment run efficiently and profitably. This team is dedicated toward helping eliciting lucrative deals and desirable ROI for our franchise clients. Contact us to learn more!

Success: By the Numbers

Since launching, Mosquito Shield’s business has shown consistent growth every year. Our success is built on a foundation of proven products and satisfied customers.

Does the Mosquito Shield business model work? Judge for yourself:

  • Year over year, over 90% of our customers who sign on for a full season of service renew with us for the following season.
  • Nearly 60% of customers surveyed say that they have recommended Mosquito Shield to their family and friends.
  • Mosquito Shield’s North Attleboro corporate-owned location has added 6 service vehicles in the past two years to accommodate constantly growing customer demand.
  • By developing relationships with our manufacturers and distribution partners, the cost of equipment and Mosquito Shield’s approved products is under 7% of the franchise operating budget.