Capture Your Market: Data-Rich Territory Mapping

Our team has invested heavily in scientific customer profiling, testing, and analytics to shape franchise territories and marketing strategies that will succeed, right out of the gate.

Target-rich Territories

At Mosquito Shield, we define each franchise business for sale with one yardstick in mind: the potential to succeed. To other home service franchise organizations, a territory is simply a circle on the map, or a poorly vetted list of prospect names. It’s no wonder why we have evolved into one of the best franchises today.

We map each Mosquito Shield franchise territory to contain the highest density of probable customers available in proximity to major delivery routes. This ensures that customer acquisition and service calls are both conducted with maximum efficiency.

To be apart of the best business franchises for sale today, please contact the team at Mosquito Shield Franchise for more information.

The Power of Marketing Analytics

We have invested over a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars in a thorough, scientific analysis of our customer data, to develop detailed profiles of the homeowners who buy our service, year after year.

Our commitment to data analytics means that, at the end of each season, we examine the following factors (among others), to confirm what we already know, and to track how our customer population is evolving over time:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Number of Children

We also closely monitor the transaction data throughout the buying season, and conduct analytics to identify trends related to timing, seasonal weather conditions, mosquito populations, and other factors.

Knowledge is power, and Mosquito Shield arms each franchisee with the information they need to pursue the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Dynamic Marketing and Advertising Material

Mosquito Shield has the in-house marketing experience to help you successfully grow your business. And, to help us keep up with the current and latest marketing techniques, Mosquito Shield works with proven partners for marketing, communications, Web design, and multimedia production.

Mosquito Shield’s franchising business one-size pricing model streamlines the sales process to support online conversions and increased close rates for anyone taking sales calls at your office.