Collaborate: Ongoing Support, Involvement, and Teamwork

We stand behind every franchise, providing the hands-on training, market-tested resources, and ongoing support to help you hit the ground running.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Every component of the Mosquito Shield franchise model has been designed to maximize efficiency, and make it easier for you to quickly acquire, serve, and satisfy your customers.

In addition to our proprietary methodology and tools, Mosquito Shield also provides a comprehensive platform of resources and support to prepare franchisees for launch, empower them to run their ongoing operations, and take any guess-work out of the equation.

Throughout the year, Mosquito Shield will also hold company-sponsored events for franchisee recognition and awards, team-building events, and get-aways.

Hands-on Training and Support

The Engage: Training and Support Program is the foundation upon which we build the success of the Mosquito Shield business. Each franchisee will receive up to one week of in-depth coaching at our corporate facilities, including breakout sessions at our partner sites.

Our experienced corporate trainers will then spend several days in the field with each franchisee at their location, once the season begins. Our trainers will ride along with each franchisee on service calls to answer questions, provide practical advice, and reinforce the lessons from our training curriculum.

Online Resources and Marketing Programs

In addition to our training program, Mosquito Shield also provides a full digital suite for franchisees for their new business opportunity. The Connect: Online Resource Center includes a company Intranet, a digital library containing all operational materials, tutorials and training videos, and areas to engage with other franchisees and discuss best practices. Your capital investment comes packed with robust support functions to help your new business opportunity.

Each franchisee will also receive access to our Launch: Digital Marketing Manager portal, which contains corporate-approved templates for marketing and advertising, allows new business franchisees to acquire mailing lists that match our target customer profiles, and manages all printing and mailing of all collateral during marketing campaigns.

From the customer marketing strategies to the business management platform and mobile technology systems, our focus is on giving each Mosquito Shield franchisee the tools they need to grow their new business and satisfy their customers.

For an effective capital investment, turn to Mosquito Shield Franchise for on-going support in your business.