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Looking to jump-start your new Mosquito Shield franchise? Just add Tick Shield to the program and you can immediately increase your revenue per customer by as much as 45%! Why Tick Shield? Nearly a decade of research and development has made our tick protection program the most effective solution in the market today.

Our Tick Control Program was developed through the same scientific process and intensive field research as our proven mosquito barrier spray. This powerful solution also controls fleas and is specifically designed to help stop the spread of tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease and Yellow Fever. While Mosquito Shield lets your customers fully enjoy the outdoor experience, Tick Shield helps protect their health and safety. Make the most out of every visit. The additional revenue you can earn by upselling tick control is significant. Currently, 35% of mosquito customers also choose tick protection.

Why should you offer it?

  • Demand is higher than ever before with the threats and boom of tick-borne diseases

  • Our formula delivers unparalleled results, with a 97% customer retention rate year-over-year

  • It’s a proven moneymaker, with 35% of our customer base enjoying both our mosquito and tick services

Your Customers Need Protection From Tick-Borne Diseases. Offering It To Them Is Simple … And Profitable.

Important trends create big opportunities. Today, almost everyone is aware of the risk of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Directly addressing your community’s health and safety needs with a proven program simply makes good business sense. It enables you to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with customers. It also builds trust, which has a direct impact on retention. Currently, retention rates for our tick protection program are at 97%!