Training & Support

We stand behind every franchise, providing the hands-on-training, market-tested resources, and ongoing support to help you hit the ground running. 


Hands-on training & support

Our Training and Support Program is the foundation upon which we've built the success of the Mosquito Shield business. Each franchisee will receive up to one week of in-depth coaching at our corporate facilities, including breakout sessions at our partner sites.

An experienced corporate trainer will visit your location to review office procedures, set-up shop and operations, vehicle inspection (inside & out) and technician observation and instruction. Our trainers will ride along with each franchisee on service calls to answer questions, provide practical advice, and reinforce the lessons learned from our training curriculum.

Our full suite of customized tools and support services enable you to manage your books and close sales with less effort and staffing, so you can focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Every component of the Mosquito Shield franchise system has been designed to maximize efficiency and make it easier for you to quickly acquire, serve, and satisfy your customers.

In addition to our proprietary methodology and tools, Mosquito Shield also provides a comprehensive platform of resources and support to prepare franchisees for launch, empower them to run their ongoing operations, and take any guess-work out of the equation.

Throughout the year, Mosquito Shield hosts company-sponsored events for franchisee recognition and awards, team-building events, and get-aways.

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Customized tools & digital resources

In addition to our training program, Mosquito Shield also provides a full digital suite of tools and resources.

Our digital operating platform includes a digital library containing all operational materials, tutorials and training videos, and a forum to engage with other franchisees to discuss best practices. It also reduces your overhead by integrating your sales and delivery data streams into one paperless system for transaction management. Not only does our software track all incoming sales from the phone and internet, it also communicates with the mobile technology in your service vehicle to monitor the completion of service on customer properties.

Every Mosquito Shield van is a mobile office, with an in-vehicle tablet for managing routes and customer visits. Your tablet will automatically connect to our routing software. This dynamic system tracks sales, plans your daily routes based on customer locations, provides GPS navigation, and enables you to notify your customer of their completed service from your vehicle. Best of all, when you arrive at each stop, your in-vehicle tablet will display customer information and any service notes pertaining to that specific property.

From our custom “rapid-refill” tank setup to the storage and access to supplies and equipment, even the physical configuration of the cargo area in each Mosquito Shield service vehicle was designed for maximum efficiency.

Your capital investment comes packed with robust support functions to help your new business succeed.