Franchisee and Customer Testimonials

Still no mosquitoes since our treatments started. I’ve been bitten 0 times with maybe 6 fly by’s total in the past 5 or 6 weeks. Truly amazing. I must say that I was skeptical going into this, but the combination of talking to Rich and Julie and seeing the results of the first free treatment convinced me to go ahead. In this day and age when everything seems over-hyped and few products truly perform as advertised, you are a standout exception. There were two other things that impressed me too — one was the prompt and professional way you handled the delivery snafu at the beginning, and the other is your community involvement. If my choice is to support a conglomerate in Topeka or somewhere or people in my own backyard who give back to their community, the latter wins out every time! Good luck to you.
— Rick M., Wenonah, Customer