Our Unique approach

Over our 19 years in business, we've applied our scientific research behind the life cycle of the mosquito, tested various application methods and products, and determined optimum visit frequency. Early testing showed that just applying standard control materials didn’t deliver measurable and consistent results. After further study, we developed a proprietary barrier spray that, regardless when started, lasts for weeks and grows in strength as the season progresses. Our Mosquito Protection Blend, comprised of all-natural oils, both masks your CO2 and repels mosquitoes away from your property. Additionally, we don’t sell treatments or the 21-day service schedule (the industry default) because that simply doesn’t work. Combining our MPB and select control materials, along with a flexible spray schedule returning every 10 to 17 days, puts us at the forefront of residential mosquito control. 


Since mosquitoes are attracted to your breathing, we use our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend to mask the CO2 you are exhaling. This approach makes it near impossible for the mosquitoes to find you, forcing them to seek another food source.



Our blend of all-natural oils also irritates the mosquitoes, driving them to neighboring properties. These all-natural oils create a vertical barrier, and through regular visits and applications, prevents mosquitoes and ticks from entering your yard.



We kill mosquitoes by using select control products. Through our our own FlexBlend Technology, we know what, how much and when to apply these products—a process we don’t take lightly. We use as little of these products as necessary, depending on weather and mosquito populations, while balancing the need to protect your yard from the harmful diseases these mosquitoes carry.

Additionally, we recognized the importance of understanding mosquito biology and behavior as it relates to effective backyard mosquito control. We educate our technicians to think like a mosquito and evaluate properties to identify problem areas. This, along with specialized equipment and precise spraying techniques, has delivered extraordinary results. At Mosquito Shield, we will never stop testing and refining our products, our approach to advertising and marketing, and our development of resources to help each business investment run efficiently and profitably.