Target-rich Territories

At Mosquito Shield, we define each franchise territory with one yardstick in mind: the potential to succeed. Territory size, focusing on both the quality and quantity of potential customers, sets Mosquito Shield apart from everyone else. To other home service franchise organizations a territory is simply a circle on the map or a poorly vetted list of prospect names. It’s no wonder why we have evolved into one of the best franchises today. Our territories are 5 to 8 times the size of others, which means for you, a scalable business opportunity that can support a multi-truck operation. Simply put, we want to partner with people who are looking to change their lives and not those just looking for a job.

We are the only company with 19 years of customer data that is specific to residential mosquito and tick control. With this, we map each Mosquito Shield franchise territory to contain the highest density of probable customers available for you to market to. 

territory map for website.png