Education is Key to Success for Your Mosquito Control Franchise

Most people know that spring ushers in the start of mosquito season, and it peaks during the hot, humid days of summer. The mosquito population begins dwindling dramatically when the weather turns cooler during the fall months. But, what many people don’t know is that while some species of mosquitoes die when the first frost occurs, other types of mosquitoes hibernate. And on warm winter days, hibernating mosquitoes sometimes leave their dormancy. In warm climates such as the southern United States, residents can see mosquito activity all year long. Mosquito Shield’s mosquito control franchise owners learn how to monitor both the mosquito population and weather conditions to adjust their treatment program as needed. We also teach our mosquito control franchise owners how to rotate control products, leverage proactive scheduling, and use resistance management strategies to deliver superior results. Educating customers With this education and training, our Mosquito Shield franchise owners run and have the opportunity to share knowledge with their clients through their own small businesses. In addition to treating properties, owners of a Mosquito Shield mosquito control franchise can offer customers tips for preventing mosquito infestations. You might offer the following preventive suggestions:

  • Eliminate standing water on the property

  • Remove debris from the yard

  • Trim vegetation

  • Targeted approach In addition to these DIY tactics, clients will rely on you as a Mosquito Shield mosquito control franchise owner to help safely eliminate and suppress mosquitoes on their property. Mosquito Shield’s proprietary blend of all-natural oils helps mask your carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes and also forms a barrier to help keep them away. This blend, combined with EPA registered control products, gives your customers the industries only three pronged approach to superior control. Then, you’ll also pay special attention to where mosquitoes breed and congregate, including:

  • Retention ponds

  • Backyard ponds

  • Lakes

  • Ditches With the proper education, your mosquito control franchise can help ensure the comfort and disease protection that comes with effective mosquito abatement, while also helping to protect the people and other living things in your community. If you’re interested in opening your own Mosquito Shield mosquito control franchise, request more information or call us at (508) 316-3429.

Jennifer FosterComment