Mosquito Shield Offers Exceptional Support for Your Mosquito Control Franchise

You want to start a business, but you’re nervous. You’re not sure what to expect. You’re worried about investing a large amount of money and whether you’re going to get it back. What day-to-day problems will you have? Can you handle them? Despite your reservations you’re ready for something new, a change in your career path that allows you the flexibility to work when you want, and how much you want. You’re also looking for work that allows you to lend a helping hand.

At Mosquito Shield, we help you to grow your new franchise business by providing ongoing support to make you feel comfortable and confident with every step and every aspect of your operation. 

  • Thorough training to get you started If you are a self-motivated person, you’re already headed in the right direction for a great opportunity with our mosquito control franchise offering. Even if you feel you don’t have the knowledge or experience to get started, Mosquito Shield is here to support you. Our franchisees learn everything they need to get started at a weeklong training session at one of our corporate facilities. Additionally, our experienced corporate trainers will spend time with you on-location, providing support on service calls and assisting with any questions. This two-tiered training program will provide you with the confidence you need to professionally and expertly protect homes and businesses against mosquitoes. 
  • Tech support while you’re in the field We will also help you provide great customer satisfaction, providing technical support with our “virtual office." Our software combines your sales and delivery data into an electronic system for easier management techniques, allowing you to avoid stacks of paperwork. Also, our mobile app allows you to access sales, service calls, and customer properties when you’re on the go. 
  • Ongoing marketing support to help you grow Here at Mosquito Shield, it is our goal to connect with our communities, to provide them the best service to control and prevent mosquitoes. So, it is important to have a strong marketing strategy. Mosquito Shield provides its mosquito control franchise owners with a full suite of operational materials and videos, and a portal to engage with other franchisees. If you are lost or have questions, Mosquito Shield is here to provide the best solutions and practices with our ongoing marketing support.

Whether you are new to the business world or you already have some experience under your belt, Mosquito Shield’s mosquito control franchise opportunity offers the perfect chance to get a smooth start into a new venture. Being ranked 28 out of over 350 franchise brands by Franchise Business Review, our training and ongoing marketing support is the foundation that helps build up each of our franchisees.